Idea Puzzle launches new website

Idea Puzzle has launched a new website focused on the digital globalization of the Idea Puzzle software from 2022 onwards. With new tutorials videos in 4 languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish and French) and a free webinar, targeting PhD candidates, supervisors, and research methods teachers all over the world, users can now access to Idea Puzzle’s proprietary software exclusively online, without any previous installation.

The software is a decision-making tool that helps PhD candidates improve the coherence of a research proposal, article, or thesis in the light of Philosophy of Science (Morais & Brailsford, 2019). It also helps review the strengths and weaknesses of a research project in any field of knowledge.

Since its launch in 2012, the Idea Puzzle software was licensed to several universities in 11 countries and several PhD candidates and researchers in 33 countries helping them to design thousands of research projects around the world.

Click here to know more at Idea Puzzle’s website.