Beta Capital exits Matera

Beta Capital exits Matera

Porto, November 15, 2021 – Beta Capital completed the trade sale of its stake in Matera, after several years of research and development of the technology and commercial applications of its nanoparticles and at a time when the market need for combat solutions to viruses and bacteria in public spaces is evident. The company will continue its growth with the support of an international structure.

Matera has developed a proprietary technology based on the conjugation of biocidal agents with nanoparticles, creating nanoconjugates with greater stability and unique properties. This mode of action is not only more durable because there is no consumption of the active agent, but it is also more sustainable, because it requires less amount of the active agent and does not release it into the environment.

“Matera has developed a technology with distinctive properties, applicable to various industries and products. At a time when the importance of public health is a key issue, investing in the development of these technologies allows us to create disruptive solutions that respond to current challenges”, said Roberto Branco, Founder and CEO of Beta Capital.

About Beta Capital

Beta Capital is a pioneering venture capital company in Portugal that has been investing since 2003 in disruptive technology-based companies. Focused on supporting innovative technology projects through financing and strategic support to the projects and teams in which it invests, Beta Capital’s team has a business background and vast experience in the VC industry. Beta Capital is concerned with the planet, humanity and its stakeholders, in accordance with the Principles of Responsible Investment.