Beta Capital exits Heartgenetics after successful trade sale

Heartgenetics exit

After the first investment in Heartgenetics in 2017, Beta Capital sold its shares together with the remaining shareholders to ImpactLab group.

ImpactLab aims at building-up an international network of genetic services, covering most medical specialties, laboratory technologies and bioinformatics know-how, with the final goal of becoming an international leader in all major genetic markets.

With this transaction, ImpactLab will be able to expand the reach of its test panels by including the Pharmacogenetics, Cardiovascular and Wellness tests successfully developed by HeartGenetics. In addition, being part of ImpactLab will allow HeartGenetics’ expansion in the B2B and broaden the online business in Spain, Portugal and South America.

Ana Teresa Freitas, CEO and co-founder of HeartGenetics, will continue to serve as CEO of the
company and will support the development of the Company and its integration with the ImpactLab group. HeartGenetics will keep its own brand and will continue to serve its clients in Portugal, Brazil, Netherlands and Spain. The company will also have the opportunity to start sales in Italy.

“In 2013, we had the vision of creating a company that could use genetic data and computational tools to improve health for everybody. The acquisition of HeartGenetics by ImpactLab is an amazing and unique opportunity to build upon that vision, enhance our digital and bioinformatics capabilities, and deepen our roots in the personalized medicine field. For a startup in the diagnosis field, this acquisition represents a major achievement for the healthcare Portuguese startup ecosystem” stated Ana Teresa Freitas, CEO of HeartGenetics.

Roberto Branco, Founder and CEO of Beta Capital stated: “Heartgenetics technological capabilities, as well as the commercial traction and execution over the last years showed a promising future for the company. This acquisition recognizes the work developed and the great potential ahead.”