We are your Start-up Partner

We are your

Start-up partner

helping innovative tech ventures to unlock its potential

we like unicorns

What are we looking for?

innovation based

technology intensive

start-up and
we are
and innovators

what makes us special?


Hands-on advisory

solid reputation
and network

entrepreneurial team

Connected to Universities and R&D hubs

we HAVE BEEN around for a while

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Frequently Asked Questions

People. Tech. Market. We look for disruptive technology-based projects that have the potential to solve global untapped needs, led by ambitious, skilled and dedicated founders.

No. We have a track record in different sectors with a common characteristic: being technology based and having great people. As long as the project fills the investment criteria, we do not have preference for any sector.

Over the years we have been focused on the early-stages. This means we have supported projects from MVPs and Proof-of-Concept phase, to scaling up sales and teams globally. Nevertheless, we like disruption and innovation so, if you think alike, let us know.

It depends on the project.
However, we work actively with founders and investors from our network to secure subsequent financing rounds.

It depends on many factors such as the stage of the project, the company needs or the portfolio strategy at the time. Typically, it may range between EUR 250k to EUR 1m. Keep in mind we are also experienced in leading syndicated investment rounds and co-investing with other investors.

We care about our portfolio and do our best to support its growth. We don’t take part in the day-to-day operations since we invest on skilled teams, but we are very hands-on and always available for advising the founders in every matter.

No, we do not take majority positions nor the management of the companies we invest on

As we do not like to be on hold, we also do not like to keep you on hold. Still, an investment process must follow thorough analysis and should be built on mutual trust. For that reason, even though you can expect to get a quick and transparent contact from us in 15 business days, you should approach us in good advance to the date you have in mind for closing the investment.

If you have an innovative tech-based project and you believe you have a fit with us you should always contact us. We always want to meet like-minded innovators and to build a reliable network.

Head to our contacts page and submit your project by filling the contact form.