We support innovative tech ventures to unlock its potential by providing smart funding and hands-on advisory. Our seasoned team has an entrepreneurial track record and thorough experience operating as an independent VC firm since 2003. We care about our planet, the Humankind and our stakeholders according to the Principles of Responsible Investment.

“It is always easy to talk about a good partner. From Beta Capital you can expect honesty and firmness in opinions, but always with the necessary flexibility to know how to listen and work as a team, in order to arrive at better decisions. I don’t forget that they were always by our side, especially in some difficult moments.

Pedro Fernandes, Founder and CEO Bullet Solutions

“We are grateful for the support that Beta Capital has given us particularly during the early years. The investment rounds supported the company until the MBO led by Nonius founders. I leave the challenge to Beta Capital to contribute to more similar cases.“

António Silva, Founder and CEO Nonius

“Beta Capital was essential in the creation process of Biopremier for believing and investing in the original project. Throughout its growth, BIopremier has always counted on Beta Capital’s support, experience and active role in defining growth and innovation strategies, culminating in a successful project with international recognition in the agri-food area.”
Mário Gadanho, Founder Biopremier
“Beta Capital has been a partner of Stemmatters since its beginning. Beta Capital understood well the dynamic nature of our activity, providing fundamental support for the realization of our business potential, and contributing to the stability and overcoming of the many challenges faced. “
Rui A. Sousa, Founder and CEO Stemmatters
“When the road is tough, one must choose its venture partners well! Beta Capital has been the perfect partner towards success. The support went far beyond the funding, being Beta Capital always present during difficult times and situations, backing us. And together we have celebrated success! “
João Paulo Breia, Founder Ambilab

“As a biotech-based company, WeNou must grow based on Development and Innovation. Trusting us and on our project, Beta Capital was a big boost on this development, not only as an investor but also as an effective partner, supporting us in all moments.“

Sandra Chaves, CEO WeNou